Cherish or Perish

3At a Young Manager’s conference recently, I had the privilege to be a jury to more than a dozen young managers who represented future leaders of India. More than 75% of the youth represented there had initiated an entrepreneurial venture in the form of a social innovation or a product / process development venture. Their mantra was
– Now or never

  • “I can’t wait till 40-50’s and wonder like my parents whether to start something of my own”
  • “Why talk about finding passion in older age when I can do something about it now!”

– Create jobs than look for jobs

  • “ Risk taking has got to be now or never”

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The ‘Why’ of ‘How’

I believe that each of us is a Leader – that we display our leadership qualities in different forms, in different settings and different audiences. We know of many such personalities around us, who take a lead in the Organisation’s functioning, as executors or thinkers. What stands out is the way they think and the language they use. (Remember, there is ample research which shows inter-play of use of words and thoughts)

In my observations through change management studies, I see the use of 4W1H (Why, What, When, Where, How) as a predominant language used in Indian Engineering Manufacturing industries. For a Leader, to be a great people’s person and an entrepreneur, he/she needs to know which ‘W’ to focus on and how many times to use ‘H’.
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tripuvan100 days is a long time, especially with all the nuances of our work and personal lives. If I were to ask you what you were doing 3 months ago, you would have rough outlines, perhaps an incident or two to narrate? Let me take you through one such story from three months ago. In this case, I remember it quite distinctly since it holds special significance, a moment I shall remember affectionately for days to come. Read more »

Expansion of Gabriel Aftermarket Footprint

ManojKolhatkarBrand Gabriel is a very well-known and respected brand in Indian automotive aftermarket. In fact it can be said that it is synonymous with shock absorbers in India. It is acknowledged for its quality and OEM presence in the country.

Gabriel’s biggest strengths in the aftermarket are: product range, quality, speed of response, long-standing loyal channel partners, geographical reach and segment-wise penetration.

Gabriel has maintained its leadership position since last five decades and this clearly demonstrates Gabriel’s long term commitment to the trade. In addition, Gabriel aftermarket is again among very few companies in India, which has been exporting to all six continents in the globe. Read more »

ANAND’s Growth Story

pksOur journey of Excellence in Manufacturing started more than 7 years back.

Though Anand was seen as a reliable supplier still we had huge scope of improvement in our product quality. This triggered a thought to go for new highway suggested by Padma Shri Prof Shoji Shiba. It was to align manufacturing process by FLOW, eliminating all kind of wastage.

We decided first to focus at suppliers as we buy 70% from outside vendors. To be honest,  Journey was very challenging. We quickly learned that we had to practice what we were preaching to our suppliers. Also to stop TTT ( Talk ,Talk ,Talk ), PTB ( Pass the Buck ) & MFA ( Me First Attitude ). It was far more difficult than what it looked in beginning. Several suppliers and our own plants kept going back to old highway. But with guidance from Prof Shiba, Prof Furuhashi , persuasive attitude of Mr Patel & sincere effort by Saideep Ratnam & Rajesh Kakkar, we were able to overcome all these challenges. Read more »

Large Scale Interactive Process (LSIP)

buller1Many of you would have participated in LSIP or would have heard about it from your colleagues. I would like to utilize this forum to share some background about the genesis of LSIP at Anand and in the process invoke a discussion.

In 2012 corporate HR designed and developed a unique process for goal setting – ‘LSIP’ Large Scale Interactive Process at Anand. It is a technique used for engaging a large audience in a collective task to meet a common objective, which is linked to performance management. Since then more than 500 managers in Gabriel, Behr, Spicer, PCIL and Mahle have participated in LSIP.  In these companies LSIP has become an annual event taking place normally in the last month of the calendar / financial year. By 2015 target is to have all companies of Anand to conduct this annual event.

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